Hair Vitamin Formula

GoldCrush Hair Vitamin Formula  - How does the GoldCrush Hair vitamin work

GoldCrush Hair Vitamin Formula is an innovative complex vitamin that combines key nutrients to support optimal healthy hair and nail growth. Its unique blend of vitamins and minerals includes Selenium and Zinc along with complex B Vitamins such as Biotin, which feed and nourish your follicles helping to contribute towards healthy hair from the inside out.

Nutrients are the key building blocks to helping our bodies function efficiently. They not only affect general health and boost our immune system, but are also important for our physical appearance.

Day-to-day we engage in activities that cause stress and damage to our tresses; hair straighteners, hair dryers and hot rollers all cause damage - and not to mention some hair products which contain harmful alcohols and mineral oils.

What we sometimes forget is that while our actual hair is dead, our roots (the hair follicles) are alive and kicking. These hair follicles need to be fed and watered and require oxygen, energy and protein synthesis to maintain normal healthy hair and scalp.

GoldCrush Hair Nutrition Formula also provides support for your skin and nails, making it a versatile multi vitamin. The formula contains Vitamin A which maintains normal skin and Vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and the maintenance of healthy skin, while zinc and selenium contribute to the maintenance of normal nails.