About Us

GoldCrush is mad about hair. We believe that true hair-care is about more than just what new shampoo or hair oil you are using. We know that what you put in your body can be just as - if not more important, than products which are used topically.

We love hair and beauty and guess that you're here because you love it as much as us! That's why we developed these special little capsules of golden sunshine (well, vitamin supplements really - but you get the picture), to help you on your hair-care journey.

GoldCrush Hair Vitamins are specially formulated to help to boost the amount of nutrients in our bodies to feed your follicles, which in turn contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair. The fab thing about our capsules is that they not only help your tresses, but also help to maintain healthy skin and nails. A triple-threat for your daily regimen.