November 04, 2016
Why Sulfates wreak havoc on hair

The last thing on most people’s minds when they purchase shampoo is what the ingredients contained within that shampoo are – and that’s why 99% of all people out there are less than satisfied with the way the shampoo they use treats their hair.


Sure, there are some people out there that take a little bit of time to take shampoos that contain only a little bit of potentially dangerous chemicals and there are definitely some people out there that will only use shampoos made out of all-natural ingredients.


But at the same time, most people really aren’t paying attention to the words on the bottle outside of the type of fragrance and the brand name that they have selected.


This is less than ideal, especially considering the amount of raw damage that sulfates (a common ingredient in most commercially available shampoos) can do to our hair.


Just ask any professional hairdresser or hairstylist. They will tell you that you absolutely NEED sulfate free shampoos if you want your hair to look just as radiant and beautiful as possible, and then you need to bail on all of the irritating sulfate loaded shampoos you likely have already in your shower today.


To help you better understand exactly what you’re getting into when you put shampoo sulfates in your hair, as well as to help you shy away from these products and really embrace sulfate free options that have a number of benefits, we’ve put together this quick guide.


Let’s dive right in!


Irritating sulfates are some of the most common ingredients in shampoos


Sulfates are the ingredients that are most commonly found in commercially available shampoos, and are basically the ingredients that work to cause the lather that you get when you rub shampoo into your hair.


Incredibly inexpensive to use in shampoos (which is why almost 90% of all shampoos around the world take advantage of these ingredients), you’ll find that most of your shampoo is sulfates – irritating sulfates – if you pay even just a little bit of attention to the ingredient list.


You’re likely to find sulfates like:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Ammonia Loris Sulfate
  • TEA Lauryeth Sulfate
  • Sodium Myreth Sulfate


… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


The crazy thing about these sulfates is that they aren’t just commonly found in this shampoo that you use on a daily basis but also in the household cleaners that you use to clean the floors, clean windows, and clean your countertops.


Obviously you would to use any of those products to wash your hair, so why would you use shampoos that include almost the exact same ingredients every time you take a shower?


You wouldn’t – and you don’t have to anymore, either!


This is what irritating sulfates are doing to your hair right now


The first thing that sulfates are going to do to your hair is dry your scalp and cause a considerable amount of irritation that’s only going to increase instances of dandruff and eczema. Your entire head is going to which, your scalp is going to become super oily, and your hair is going to look awful no matter how you try and style it.


Sulfate loaded shampoos are also going to destroy the color of your hair almost immediately after you have it professionally done (or done yourself). You’re going to have much duller looking hair that’s almost faded even after just a few washes.


Finally, sulfate loaded shampoos are also going to cause a significant amount of hair loss by destroying the follicles at the root. If you lose too many hair follicles you’ll eventually have bald spots and bald patches and there won’t be anything you can do about it short of surgery.


Obviously, you’ll want to get your hands on sulfate free shampoos ASAP. Pay attention to the ingredients on the bottle of shampoo that you are moving forward with and you’ll notice the benefits of sulfate free shampoos almost instantly!

Alicia Gold

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