October 14, 2016
Why Do You Need MSM For Healthy Hair

It is always nice, when you come across a vitamin or supplement that can help fight some of the most common health issues and aid in your beauty, as well. That is exactly what MSM can do for you. MSM also known, as methylsulfonylmethane is a sulfur compound found in many foods such as:

  • Onions

  • Milk

  • Green vegetables

  • Garlic.

MSM is actually the third largest compound found in the human body, next to salt and water. Below, you will learn more important information about MSM and how it can help you.

How Does MSM Work?

Throughout the medical industry, MSM has been used to treat joint disease such as tendonitis and osteoarthritis. Throughout the use of MSM, people started to notice that it had one unique side effect. This side effect was hair growth, but how is this possible?

Sulfur is one of the main building blocks in hair growth and since MSM is made up of mostly sulfur, it promotes hair growth. It has also been stated that MSM can actually increase the growth phase of your hair. This basically means that your hair will grow faster for a longer period of time, just by adding MSM in your daily diet.

Where to Get MSM?

MSM supplements can be purchased at just about any pharmacy, herbal shop, or local health store. You can also avoid the supplements altogether and focus on getting your MSM from foods. However, you have to be careful, when trying to increase you MSM intake through foods, because the cooking process can decrease the MSM content drastically.

Whether you decide to take supplements or eat more MSM rich foods, just make sure you do the proper research. This will ensure that you get daily recommended dose, without overdoing it.

How Safe Is MSM Supplements?

You will be happy to know that taking MSM supplements is very safe. In fact, it is almost just as safe as drinking water. The reason for this is, because it is non-allergenic and you cannot overdose on it. Your body will simply use what it needs of the supplements and after 12 hours, the extra will be flushed from the system via the kidneys.

How Much MSM DO You Need?

There are several different MSM supplements available on the market. The amount that you are supposed to take will depend on the supplement that you purchase. However, it should be noted that better results are shown in the powder formula rather than the capsule.

Does MSM Have Any Side Effects?

While MSM is practically as safe as drinking pure water, reports of high MSM dosages do show some side effects. The side effects might include bloating, fatigue, headaches, itching, insomnia, diarrhea, and nausea.

Keep in mind that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it would be best to consult with your doctor, before taking MSM supplements.


As you can see, MSM supplements are very good for hair growth and overall better health. As long as you stick to the information about you will get the results that you are looking for. Now that you know the answer to the very important question, “Why do you need MSM for healthy hair”, you can safely decide, whether you want to add it to your diet or invest in a supplement.

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