October 14, 2016
Traction Alopecia: Everything You Need To Know

Traction Alopecia is a hair condition that we're starting to see more and more thanks to some of the latest hair fashions and trends. But, what exactly is Traction Alopecia and how do I prevent it from happening? In this post we answer both of those questions and help you avoid this unpleasant experience.

Firstly let's get straight to it, what is Traction Alopecia? To put it simply, Traction Alopecia is a hair loss condition that is caused by gentle but persistent pulling of the roots. The condition can occur after a number of days or even several hours.

The worrying thing about Traction Alopecia is its ability to go unnoticed. In fact, many people do not even realise that it has happened until they spot areas where they have lost their hair. Some people may never even realise it is happening. If the hair loss has happened in a less obvious place some people will not find the affected area.

At this moment in time because hair extensions and such are so popular, medical professionals are seeing more and more women develop this problem. But, hair extensions are not the only cause of pulling on the roots. Other hair styles and trends can cause the problem too. Tight ponytails are another example for women.

You may also be surprised to learn that Traction Alopecia affects men too. Hair styles such as the 'man bun' which swept the male nation at the beginning of the year are also starting to cause the condition.

Unfortunately for women of African descent the condition is slightly more common. This is because the hair is naturally curly and tight and in general the hair fibres are a thinner diameter to those people belonging to Asian or European backgrounds.

Some individuals with incredibly curly hair also make use of certain hairstyles to help manage the curls. Like tight ponytails and man buns, hair braiding can pull on the roots causing Traction Alopecia.

In order to prevent this problem from happening be careful not to wear hairstyles that pull on your roots often or for long periods of time. You will thank us in the long run as Traction Alopecia is not a nice thing to deal with.

If you have experienced Traction Alopecia you may want to look at buying certain hair products that stimulate growth. Ingredients such as caffeine have been known to enhance growth but you may also want to look into ingredients that repair and keep your scalp healthy too

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