October 14, 2016
The Low Down On Hair Density

Interested in learning more about your hair density? Below we get to the bottom of a few subjects that often confuse even self proclaimed experts of hair care. Let’s take a moment to review what is hair density, what is porosity, and why knowing is important. We will also cover ways that you can test for both so that you leave this article fully knowledgeable about your hair.

So, What Is Hair Density Exactly?

Hair density is different than having someone say to you, “Your hair is thin” or “Your hair is thick.” Both of these are commenting on the width of a single strand of your hair. Hair density is the total number of hair strands on your head. Simply put, you can figure out what your hair density is by counting all hairs in a 1 by 1 inch block on your scalp. The challenge as you may soon discover is that there are more than 2,200 hair strands on the average person. If you don’t want to count them directly, then consider measuring your hair in a pony tail. If the pony tail is les than 2 inches in circumference, then you have low density hair. A final way to measure your density is to look at your scalp. If you can see it through the hair, then you most likely have low density hair.

How Does Porosity Play Into This?

Porosity is generally considered the measure to which your hair can effectively absorb the moisture around it. The greater the porosity of your hair, the more products will do for you. Figuring out porosity, especially if you have lightly porous hair is important for hair health. Lighter more liquid based products are better when in shampoo and conditioner. Want to test your porosity? Take hair strands that have naturally fallen out and include the white end at the base. Put it into a cup of water. If it immediately sinks, the nit is highly porous. If it refuses to sink at all, then it has low porosity. If it eventually sinks, then it has normal porosity.

Why Does Any of This Information Matter?

By knowing what is hair density and what kind of hair density you have, you can find the best products to treat your scalp and hair strands. You can better target products you know will help. Simply put, knowing your hair density and things like porosity will save you time, money, and hassle when purchasing products.

Alicia Gold
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