October 14, 2016
Shampoo Ingredients To Help Your Hair Grow

Picking a shampoo is a pretty difficult task. With so many products out there, where do you begin and how do you choose? Some people stick to what they know and use the same hair products day in day out for years. But, for those people looking for help and advice on picking a new shampoo, we are here to help.

In this post we share with you some of the key ingredients that are known to help encourage hair growth. After all, how you can get get your hair to grow is something that we are regularly asked and questioned on.

If hair growth is your main concern. The first ingredient you should look for in a shampoo is caffeine. Caffeine has been proven to stimulate hair growth and so is an excellent ingredient if you want your hair to grow.

Then to ensure you don't lose any hair there are a few key ingredients that you should try to find.

Dihydrotestosterone blockers, biotin and pumpkin seed oil are the first three ingredients that we would recommend. The first ingredient Dihydrotestosterone blockers prevent DHT which can cause hair loss. By picking a shampoo with this in, you are lowering your chances of ever losing your hair because of this condition.

The second ingredient biotin is something else that we would highly recommend. Biotin is made up of vitamin b and zinc which are proven to help slow hair loss. Although hair loss ingredients aren't the same as hair growth ingredients, growth isn't going to happen if you lose a lot of hair.

Pumpkin seed oil is the third and final ingredient that we would recommend in order to prevent hair loss. Like biotin and Dihydrotestosterone, pumpkin seed oil helps to slow down or prevent any hair loss.

Then when it comes to hair growth, we would recommend a number of other key ingredients that will help improve the health of your head and scalp. You may be thinking why are we recommending ingredients that are going to improve the health of your head and scalp when you want to find out about ingredients that help growth. But, it is important to remember that growth is only going to happen if you have a healthy head.

Niacin, natural oils and nutrients are some of the key ingredients you need to look for to help with head and scalp health. Natural oils and nutrients will help make it easier for new hair to grow. Niacin like biotin is a vitamin b ingredient which is designed to both nourish and heal your scalp.

For those individuals that have any medical problems to do with thee scalp, seek medical advice about ingredients that may help improve your scalp condition.​

Alicia Gold
Hair Care

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