October 14, 2016
Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth –

They say that a woman is most beautiful when she’s pregnant. You have your hormones to thank for that! But just because natural selection is in your favor does not mean you should neglect yourself. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing but it really takes its toll on your body, especially on your hair. Hair loss is an unpleasant side effect of child birth and it can really affect your whole appearance and self-esteem. Surprisingly, the secret to maintaining your gorgeous locks just might be nestled inside your bottle of prenatal vitamins.

What exactly happens to your hair during pregnancy?

When a woman becomes pregnant, her estrogen levels shoot up. The increase in these hormones promote a longer growth phase for skin cells, nail cells and even hair cells. Once a pregnant woman enters her second or third trimester, her skin might look clearer, her nails grow longer and her hair becomes thick and vibrant. But do not be fooled. You’re not actually growing hair you’re just not losing as much as you would on a normal level. Once you’ve reached the end of your pregnancy, your hormone levels return to normal and reverse its effects. Additionally, you will experience dramatic hair loss immediately after you give birth.

How do prenatal vitamins promote healthy hair growth?

Well, your prenatal vitamins are jam packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that not only make for a healthy pregnancy but also for beautiful, voluminous hair. Prenatal vitamins contain high levels of iron, folic acid, calcium and biotin which all encourage healthy hair growth. Biotin, a naturally occurring B complex vitamin, in particular toughens hair and prevents hair loss. In fact, prenatal vitamins are so effective even women who are not pregnant take prenatal vitamins to make their hair grow faster and stronger. It has gained wide popularity among celebrities as well.

What to do about hair loss once your baby is born?

Child birth is a physically traumatic experience which leads to dramatic hair loss or hair thinning. The condition is self-limiting however and will resolve once you have recovered from the stress. It typically lasts for a couple of weeks to months. Having a proper and well balanced diet ensures that you get all the necessary nutrients you may need to grow your hair back to a healthy state. It may not be enough for some people so taking vitamins or supplements will help boost your hair growth quicker.

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