October 14, 2016
Let’s Get Cleaning Hair Tools

From blow drying to curling, our hair tools play a big part in our day to day lives. They stick with us through the seasons and various hairstyles but, most are left neglected. Is that really a fair way to treat those things that help beautify us every day? We think not.

In this post, we want to open your eyes to some of the germs that can be found in your beloved hair tools. But don't worry, we will let you know how to clean and properly maintain them in order to get rid of the dirt and nasties. Plus, if you do look after your tools better, you will keep your hair looking great.

From blow dryers that are clogged up with dirt to removing hair products from your GHD's. We will cover it all.

So let's get it to it, where can we find those nasties?

First things first, your blow dryer. Go straight to the back vent, this is where you can find all the nasties, dirt and germs. Blow dryers aren't cheap so it is important to regularly clean them in order to get your monies worth.

There are two key ways to clean a blow dryer and which way you use depends on your type of dryer. The first way can be used if you have a panel on the back that can be removed. If this is the case, simply use a cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust. If you find your vent does not want to move. Try taking a vacuum nozzle to the vent to hoover up all of the unwanted bits stuck inside.

Next we move on to your brushes, here you will no doubt find hundreds of strands of hair present. The trick here is to use a comb to remove all of the hairs from the brush. But, if you find there is too many for a comb to work, use a pair of scissors to cut the hair out. Be careful not to cut off any bristles. You do not want to ruin your brushes in the process.

After you have removed all of the unwanted hair, you can use a shampoo to wash your hair brush and leave it to dry naturally.

The final thing we are going to talk to you about in this post are those beloved straightening or curling irons.

The majority of dirt found on these tools are from hair products and can easily be removed by a cloth and water. In order to get to those hard to reach places why not try a cotton bud dipped in water and you will have no problem getting into those awkward crevices. If you are struggling to get rid of some dirt why not try cleaning it whilst the tool is on the lowest heat setting. But, take great care as you do not want to get burnt.​

Alicia Gold
Hair Care

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