October 14, 2016
How to Grow Long Hair Fast

There are lots of reasons a lady might decide to start growing her hair out. Perhaps you've been sporting short hair for a while but gotten bored of it, or maybe you've got some nice medium-length locks and have simply decided your hair would be even nicer if there were a bit more of it. Whatever the case, if you're planning to grow your hair longer it can look like you have a long way to go, and the progress that your hair makes can seem painfully slow.

A lot of women believe there's nothing you can really do to speed up hair growth effectively. While it's true you can't exactly change things overnight, there are few useful steps you can take to encourage faster growth.

Be Patient

Unfortunately, “fast” in hair-growing terms isn't all that fast. You can't go from boyish short hair to rapunzel in a week. You can get there quicker, but you're still going to need to be patient along the way. Hair grows an average of a quarter of an inch every month, and the most you can expect to pull off is half an inch. View hair growth as a long-term goal and be prepared to enjoy your hair the way it is in the meantime.

Trim Regularly

It's a myth that regularly snipping off the ends of your hair will make it grow faster, but regularly trimming the ends will help you get long hair. How does this work? By snipping off just a tiny bit every two or three months, you are getting rid of split ends before they get too severe. If you trim less often, those split ends can spread and cause your hair to break higher up, meaning you have to trim more off in the long run than if you snipped regularly.

Use Supplements

For maximum health, your hair needs a range of nutrients. Haircare supplements such as natural oils, hair masks, or hair boosting treatments can help make sure your hair gets everything it needs to stay healthy and happy. This will encourage it to grow as fast as it likes, and help prevent damage that might otherwise have to be trimmed away.

More Conditioner, Less Shampoo

Always condition your hair when you wash it. This will help replace essential proteins and oils, preventing damage and keeping it healthy enough to grow at full rate. At the same time, skip the shampoo as much as possible. While it's important for taking dirt and excess grease out of your hair, it also removes essential oils which are vital for your hair's health and this can impede growth. Wash with just conditioner around once a week to help prevent this, and don't wash your hair more often than every other day unless really necessary. When you do use shampoo, lather it up just around the scalp where most of the dirt and oil will collect, then allow the suds to simply wash over the rest of your hair as you rinse.​

Alicia Gold
Hair Care

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