October 14, 2016
Hot Hair Trends For Autumn

It feels like only yesterday that we were pulling out our summer dresses and enjoying the summer sunshine. Now, we can already see Christmas stock out in stores. Even though we may be questioning where the time has gone, the end of summer means that we are in autumn and autumn happens to be our favourite time of the year.

In this blog post we are going to talk to you about our favourite autumnal hairstyles. If you have been thinking about refreshing your look, why not change your hair and embrace one of these hot hairstyles this season.

The 70s are Back

If you have paid attention to any of the fashion shows this year then you would have noticed that 70s hairstyles have come back with a bang. The aptly named 'Modern Shag' will give both movement and dimension to those with finer hair and it is also a great choice for those with naturally wavy hair as you will not need to do much to achieve the look.

The 'Modern Shag' is a textured mid length style that looks best when left to air dry. So with this hairstyle not only will you be bang on trend but you will also be able to achieve a stylish hair look with minimal effort before work.

Colours of the Rainbow.

The next trend we want to share with you is another favourite from the runways. Bright, bold and extremely experimental colours are in. This look is not for the light hearted but, if you are brave enough to give it a go why not try copying Kylie Jenner with blue or green locks.

We understand it is not for everyone but, if you ever did want to give bright colours a go, now is most definitely the time to try it. We predict that most people who try this style will only keep it for a short period of time, but those few weeks could be some of the most fun you have ever had.

Fiery Redhead.

For those natural redheads, it is time to embrace your colour! Ginger is in this autumn. For those with other hair colours why not trial a red tone and release your fiery goddess. Christina Hendricks has been a key celeb for bringing this look back and we are so happy that she has.

If you are looking for new ways to wear your new hairstyle then why not try one of these other autumnal trends. High ponytails or plaits aren't just for school children anymore, these hair looks have been seen on the catwalks at Prada and Lanvin. If it's good enough for them, it is certainly good enough for us.

Alicia Gold
Hair Care

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