October 14, 2016
Healthy Diet Healthy Hair

Eating a healthy diet with the right balance of nutrients is key. Your body absorbs nutrients from food, and is very efficient at absorbing what it needs. Taking a supplement may help to top up your intake of certain key vitamins and minerals – and fill any nutritional gaps. Hair is made of mainly keratin, so ensuring a portion of protein-rich foods (e.g. meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans / pulses, nuts/seeds and tofu) at least twice a day will help you get enough protein, and provide iron, zinc and selenium. Including three portions of dairy produce (or calcium enriched dairy alternative) will also contribute to protein intake, and provide a source of calcium and vitamin A. Eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables will help provide key vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidants. Eating lots of different colours of fruit and vegetables will help you achieve a good balance, and remember to include plenty of green leafy vegetables. Starchy carbohydrates and wholegrains eaten with each meal will give you energy, fuel for metabolism and key nutrients such as iron and folic acid.

GoldCrush Hair is a supplement containing a range of vitamins and minerals beneficial for health. Particularly aimed at improving the health of your hair, this supplement also contains nutrients that are beneficial for healthy skin, immunity and bone health.

Here are some of the key nutrients contained in your daily dose of GoldCrush Hair:

• B Vitamins – your daily dose provides a source of all eight B vitamins, including B12 and folic acid. Lack of some B vitamins can result in hair loss, and because B vitamins play a role in key metabolic functions and in promoting cell growth, B vitamin deficiency can have a negative effect on hair growth and overall health​

• Iron – iron deficiency anaemia is a common condition, often brought about by lack of iron in the diet or heavy periods. Anaemia can be a cause of hair loss. This supplement contains 100% of your daily requirement for iron

• Calcium and Vitamin D – this supplement provides 200mg (28% of your dietary requirements) of calcium. Calcium is an important mineral needed to maintain healthy bones. It also contains a small amount of Vitamin D, which enables calcium to be absorbed by the body. Although we get most of our vitamin D from the action of sunlight on skin, many people are deficient in vitamin D, meaning their bones are at risk​

• Selenium - this supplement provides around a third of your daily selenium requirements. As selenium has various roles in regulating metabolism, selenium is required for maintaining healthy cells. Studies suggest that selenium improves immunity, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and. Selenium may also have a role in promoting hair growth on a cellular level

• Essential Amino Acids – amino acids are the building blocks of protein, but not all amino acids are equal. There are nine amino acids which are considered ‘essential’ because your body cannot make them and has to obtain them from dietary sources. Your daily dose provides an additional source of five of these amino acids. As hair is made mainly of keratin, a protein, considering your protein intake is important​

Keep Growing!​

Alicia Gold

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