October 14, 2016
Debunking Hair Myths

We have probably heard every hair myth out there. In fact, we probably hear at least one new myth per day. Where do they come from? No one knows but, some of them have a way of spreading like wildfire, causing people like me and you to try a number of crazy antics in order to better look after our manes.

In this article we spend some time debunking some of the most common myths out there. We are often surprised at how many people believe these and we think that you should know the truth. After all hair is a very important part of your image.

So let’s get straight to it.

Regular trims will make your hair grow faster.

This myth is quite possibly the most heard one out of them all. We can guarantee that when you are in the hairdressers you will hear this lie at least one time. We actually think that most hairdressers believe this myth too, so we do not think they are intentionally lying to their customers.

The fact is regular trims do not make your hair grow faster. Do not get us wrong there are many reasons why you should get a regular trim but, growth is not one of these reasons. Your hair will grow around half an inch per month whether it is cut or not.

However, if you have previously heard people say that hair will grow faster in the summer, surprisingly this is something that you can believe.

But, do not let hairdressers tell you that it is because of some new snazzy scissors.

Split ends can be saved.

No amount of fancy product can save your hair once it has split. The only thing you can do is give it the chop. Do not be fooled into thinking it can be repaired, as at this moment in time it can not. Hairdressers may suggest products that contain either beeswax or silicon as this will help the appearance, but it will not repair the split end. The beeswax or silicon acts like a glue and it temporarily holds the split end together, making it much less noticeable.

Removing one grey hair will cause two to reappear.

This sounds like an old wives tale that has been introduced to stop people taking part in this habit. There are many reasons why you should not pick out grey hairs but, it is not because it will cause two more to reappear. Plucking out hairs could potentially cause scarring or cause an infection in your root and let’s face it, you would not want either, grey hair sounds far better than a root infection!​

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