October 14, 2016
Choosing the Right Hair Growth Treatments

With so much hype around long hair, people are in constant search of the best hair growth treatments to help them on their way to lustrous long hair. But not every hair growth treatment will be effective for all individuals. This is because each one of us is different, and our bodies (and thus our hair) have different needs in order to grow. Learn about the different kinds of hair treatments and find out which one is best for you by reading through these options.

Taking a look at all those beautiful starlets on the big screen, and it’s easy to see that almost all of them have long hair. While there really isn’t anything wrong with having short hair, long hair is a lot more versatile, allowing people to create more than a handful of different style that can compliment any outfit.

Choosing the Right Hair Growth Treatment

1. Hair Growth Treatments for Poorly Managed Hair – One of the reasons why hair has a hard time growing long is because we fail to handle it the way we should. Oftentimes, we overlook all the little things and end up managing our hair with too much force or friction that causes it to break and sustain damage. If you think the reason for your slow hairgrowth is the way you take care of it, consider being more gentle. Brush your hair with care, massage it when you shampoo, and refrain from styling it with harsh products and heat that could further damage the strands. Use mild products and moisture treatments on your hair at least twice a week to bring back that lustrous shine.

2. Hair Growth Treatments for Vitamin Deficiencies – Taking care of your hair from the outside isn’t enough as hair also depends on your body for nutrients and nourishment. Commonly, we forget to take in the vitamins and minerals that our hair needs in order to grow healthy which is why hair almost always takes years to reach longer lengths. The best way to combat this is to take in hair supplements that target hair growth to make it faster and to make hair healthier on the overall.

3. Hair Growth Treatments for Naturally Slow Growing Hair – The rate at which your hair grows can also be hereditary, which means you could have probably got that hair characteristic from your parents or other relatives. The solution for hair that naturally takes time to grow is to take protein treatments and supplements that encourage the stimulation of the follicles to improve and increase hair growth

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