October 14, 2016
Are you washing your hair correctly?

We have all been there sitting at home watching TV and then it happens…………. The ad – you know, the one that shows a lady (usually a celebrity). Airbrushed to perfection, hair gleaming, blowing with artificial wind fans. Hair that would put Rachel from Friends to shame.

Then those four words echo across your living room “Because I’m Worth It”

These words resonate, you hesitantly look down at your limp strands and think, “Can a shampoo really make me the hair crush I deeply yearn to be”

So you head out the next day - buy a plethora of hair products. Use them over the next few weeks and NOTHING is happening. Your hair has not been transformed into a shiny, swinging, sexy mane. The root of the matter is that hair is delicate and needs to be handled with care. A lot of care.

To help you transform your hair we are going to give you our Top Hair Washing Tips;

·Do not wash hair twice in succession. The first wash is sufficient while the second will strip it of nutrients and essential oils. Excessive washing can also irritate and dry out your hair.

·Use cold water as a final rinse; it will make your hair shinier. The cold water closes the hair shaft, which open when washed with hot water. In addition if your scalp tends to be greasy, cold water prevents dilatation of sebaceous glands and moderates sebum production.

·If you like to wash your hair often its best to use mild shampoo.

·Use anti dandruff shampoos with care, they can be quite aggressive sometimes irritating the scalp and leaving you more dandruff prone.

·Do not detangle with a fine tooth comb or brush after washing. This can cause hair breakage and tangling.

Alicia Gold
Hair Care

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