November 04, 2016
6 Flat Ironing Hair Sins

For most girls, being able to straighten their hair is a right of passage. But we all know that getting that perfect look will take a few fails before perfecting that silky smooth combo you’re looking for! Look out for these 6 hair sins to avoid the next time you grab your flat iron.


  1. Straightening Wet Hair

We get it. You just washed your hair and maybe drying it will take more time than you’ve got. Everyone has committed this follicle faux pas at least once, but you need only do this ONCE to realize how damaging straightening on wet hair can be for you.


When the heat of the flat iron is applied to wet or damp hair, you will smell smoke and steam as your hair starts to fry. Additionally, if your products are making your hair damp, wait until your hair is completely dry before you start straightening.


  1.  Blow Drying Hair Incorrectly

Many people fail to realize that there is a correct method to blow drying! If you want bone straight hair with zero frizz, you need to master the art of the hair dryer. First, if you have really curly or kinky hair, consider purchasing a diffuser to cut down on frizz.


Secondly, having straight, frizz free hair starts after you hop out of the shower. After you do your initial towel dry, get ready to blow dry. The dryer should be about half an arm’s length away from your head, with the nozzle always pointing down. This specific direction actually dries your hair in a way that is smoother than if you were to point the blow dryer in an random direction.


  1. Say No to Heat Damage

For those straight hair lovers out there, using a flat iron doesn’t have to mean causing heat damage. With the right head protectant and the right heat setting on your styling tool, you will find your way to straight hair with zero damage.


When it comes to at home straightening, women with fine or thin hair are cautioned to stay within the 300 – 350 degree zone. Anyone venturing to 450 degrees should be a professional or be very careful. The highest levels of heat are made to be used specifically on people with very coarse hair, so use the best heat for your hair type.


  1. Straightening Tangled Hair

For the working woman, detangling your hair can often come as an after thought. However, making the mistake of straightening tangled hair will give you hours of extra work, not to mention, damaged ends.


The issue of detangling hair is mostly a problem for women with thick, curly, or kinky hair. It takes some women a few hours to detangle their hair, but believe me—it’s worth it! Try getting specific detangling conditioners to ease this process.


  1. Not Sectioning Your Hair

During the straightening process, it is important to section off your hair correctly. A flat iron can only take a section of your hair at a time, so help this process along by sectioning your hair out before you even begin straightening. While this step may seem unnecessary and tedious, it will save time in the end.


  1. Using the Wrong Products
Just as we know that the best products lead to the best look, using the wrong products for you hair can have the opposite effect. Try to stay away from silicones and alcohol products in general with you hair but especially oils during and after you’ve finished straightening. Oils can cause the same sizzling when applied to dry hair before straightening. The recommended post-flat iron product is a light hair spray to finish the look.
Alicia Gold

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