October 14, 2016
4 Things You Should Never Do to Your Hair

Caring for your hair is a complicated process. Many experts recommend shying away from using too many products, but completely voiding all supplements may lead to dry, brittle locks. Clearly, balance is a necessity in hair care, and your specific hair needs may differ drastically from the next person.

Although hair types and their corresponding recommendations vary, there are a few hair loss prevention tips everyone should abide by on a regular basis. If you’re concerned about the looks of your hair, consider eliminating the following from your routine:

1. Applying Heat to Soaking Wet Hair Have you ever been in a rush and used a hair dryer immediately after stepping out of the shower? If you regularly use a concentrator, you might notice the direct heat causes steam and smoke to rise off your hair. Blowdryers are safe on moderately damp hair. Make sure you use a microfiber towel before hand (avoiding excessive rubbing which can cause frizz) to soak up any excess moisture before you begin your styling routine. For straightening and curling irons, hair must be completely dry. Clamping damp hair in between hot metal plates is highly dangerous, damaging, and could lead to immediate breakage.

2. Regularly Pulling on Hair Follicles Wearing tight ponytails or hairstyles at night can lead to diffuse hair loss. Most individuals lose around 50 to 100 hairs per day, but excessive brushing, pulling, or wearing sleek up-dos increases that number drastically. Over time, stress on the scalp can damage hair follicles and force them into an inactive state. Wearing your hair in a bun for working out or at the office is fine, but make it a habit to take it out when you get home. Give yourself a short scalp massage to relieve the pressure on hair follicles. Further, don’t forget to let your hair down at night. When temperatures and humidity are high, it’s tempting to tie hair up so it doesn’t cause sweat. Instead of using elastics to life hair off your neck, consider a lose topknot fastened with a styling clip. Simply flip your hair forward and clip the ends to the top of your scalp. It might not look glamorous, but it decreases the chances for hair loss.

3. Lacking Proper Diet and Nutrition Skipping your essential nutrients leads to dull looking locks. There are a variety of vital vitamins and nutrients promoting growth and shine, including proteins, healthy fats, and minerals. Biotin, Zinc, Iron, Niacin, and Vitamin C are recommended supplements for a less-than perfect nutritional profile. Sometimes, timing or budget doesn’t allow for a perfect day of nutrient intake, which is where supplements can help. GoldCrush Hair Nutrition Formula combines Vitamin A, Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium to promote both hair and nail health.

4. Constant Chemical Applications Excessive coloring, straightening treatments, perms, and other chemical-ridden procedures damage existing hair, causing it to look dry and brittle. While these procedures are widely used and sometimes necessary, undergo chemical treatments in moderation. For example, gray hair can be treated at the scalp when it first appears. Try a root touch up to cover new grays rather than foiling your entire head each time. This limits the overall damage because you’re only applying the color onto new, untreated hair, versus longer hairs treated multiple times.

Sometimes, prevention comes too late, making hair loss a noticeable and obtrusive aspect of your daily life. In these instances, Dr. Bernard Nusbaum and Dr. Paul Rose of the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami can analyze your needs and determine if you’re a candidate for transplant surgery. Many women aren’t candidates for surgery, but can use non-surgical hair restoration products like the Capillus™ laser cap to improve circulation, nutrient delivery, and hair growth across the scalp. For more information, please contact the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami today.

Alicia Gold
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